company at a glance

Swadeshi Leather Corporation is into the leather trading business since 1950.

Over the years the company has gained great reputation and build tremendous goodwill both amongst its customers and suppliers.

Swadeshi Leather is one of the Leading leather traders in north India, now expanding business Pan India and also venturing into export of leather. Over the years Swadeshi Leathers has gained continuous growth by providing overall Customer Service to its customers.

Core focus is to provide one point contact for all leather procurement needs to the customers. The dedication and determination of the whole Swadeshi team makes sure that the customers are fully satisfied in terms of Quality, Price & Delivery Time.

A dedicated merchandising team makes sure that the service to customers is always up to the mark. They ensure that the communication is on time and accurate by proper follow-up with suppliers.

Whereas the Quality Team ensures that the goods supplied are as per customer requirement and in perfect quality.

Advantages Why Swadeshi

At Swadeshi we work hard to get the best to your door step. We believe in specialisation in production for best results and thus procure specific leathers from specialised tanneries to provide the best to our customers.

Vast Experience – Over 65 years in experience helps in satisfying customer requirements in a much better and efficient way.

Huge Variety - A Big supply base of high graded Tanneries enables Swadeshi to cater wide variety of needs of customers.

Price Competitiveness - Good old relationships with suppliers, High Volume ordering and a close study of the Raw material and Chemical Prices enables Swadeshi to give its customer a better price.

New Developments of Leather - Good understanding of the customer requirement and continuous development and R&D with all its suppliers makes sure that Swadeshi provides new and better engineered products to its customers.