Norms and Standards - Chemical and Physical norms are a special area of concern for Swadeshi. All chemical and physical requirements of customers are understood and followed. At Swadeshi we comply with various chemical requirements of our customers & their brands.

REACH AND CPSIA NORMS are followed as standard in all ourproducts.

At Swadeshi we are experienced to fulfill most stringent chemical and physical norms of highly rated brands of the world like H&M, Zara and more.

Fungus Protection - Ensure use of correct quality and quantity of Preservatives and fungicides so that leathers don’t catch fungus easily. We ensure that Leather stored in our stores is kept under Standard Humidity Level.

Assured Quality - Team of Technical & Experienced In-Process Quality Check and final leather QC on selection tables make sure that the leather packed for Swadeshi Customers is completely as per customers requirement. We ensure we work with Socially Responsible & Environment Friendly Tanneries.